About Us

The Vision of Stanley M. Herzog

Herzog Foundation exists to catalyze and accelerate the development of quality Christ-centered K-12 education. Our vision is for families and culture to flourish through quality Christian education. The legacy of Stan’s career centers around making national transit ecosystems accessible and sustainable. Likewise, the legacy of Stan’s philanthropy will center around making the ecosystems of Christian education more accessible and sustainable for families across the nation.


How We Accomplish Our Mission

We seek to identify areas of growth and gaps in the Christian education space in order to catalyze effective and scalable programs across the nation. Our mission is lived out by providing programs such as online content, up-to-date news, training and events, grants, and hands-on organizational improvement initiatives.



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About SchoolBox


New Christian schools, micro schools, and cooperatives are popping up all over the country. To assist these Christian education entrepreneurs, we created an online resource called SchoolBox. The lessons, resources, and mentorship offered in SchoolBox will not only catalyze the creation of new schools, but also help parents and administrators navigate the start-up process every step of the way. Whether you are starting a K-12 school or a neighborhood cooperative, SchoolBox is relevant to all Christian entrepreneurs and students.



Program Questions

What if I can’t be at the entire training? 

Attendees are required to attend the entirety of the training from meals to sessions to activities. If you cannot commit to this, please simply register for a later training that better suits your schedule. All trainings are run on a regular basis. No exceptions to this rule are given prior to the event.  


Can I attend your in-person trainings virtually or have access to recordings? 

No, any in-person trainings are exclusive to the in-person experience, unless stated otherwise. We do not permit virtual attendance for our in-person trainings, and no recordings are available.  

Can I attend the same event more than once? 

Currently, the only event that educators are permitted to attend more than once is our History of the Bible Teacher Retreat. Teacher may attend twice to experience both tracks of learning. Other than that event, we ask that you avoid attending the same event twice unless for the following reasons: you hired a new employee and want to experience the training with them, you changed roles and need training for your new position, you moved to a new school, or time has passed and you need the content again to see how it applies to your current school situation (I.e. you attended when in startup mode and now you’ve grown significantly).  

We do encourage you to attend as many different training types as you would like. They are intended to be with one another, and serve your school holistically. We’d love to see you at all of the different training types – please do not feel like you’re taking advantage of the trainings. They exist to serve you and your school!  

Can my school attend the same event more than once? 

Yes! We encourage schools to use Herzog training events to train your entire team, provide PD to multiple staff members, onboard new hires, and learn collaboratively. Schools are welcome to send new attendees to the same training type as you see fit. 

How does Herzog choose their coaches for the trainings? 

Herzog Foundation coaches are best in class. At each training we have experts and practitioners training our guests. We bring in experts from within Christian education but also from other sectors like business, ministry, and the legal field. Our practitioners are leaders who have walked a mile in your shoes – they are running elite Christian schools, schools that are entrepreneurial, sustainable, and distinctly Christ centered. Herzog coaches have come through word-of-mouth recommendations from associations and partners in the space. Our coaches have been selected not just for their content knowledge but most importantly for their approach to adult learning: an approach with curiosity, care, and respect for our guests. 


Do you give CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for attendance? 

We currently offer ACSI CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for all trainings in the Teacher Development Series. If you would like to request a CEU (Continuing Education Units) for a training in the Leadership or Organizational Development Series, you must request that with the Herzog Events Team at least 6 weeks in advance of the event. If you are in need of a CEU (Continuing Education Units associated with another accrediting agency or group, please forward us that information, and we will see what we can do for you. Contact us at training@herzogfoundation.com. 

Does every person from a school need to complete their own pre-event survey and registration form? 

Yes, each attendee must do both themselves. Please use your personal email when registering and creating an account on our events platform Connect Space. Each guest MUST complete a pre-event survey if required for your event. Surveys typically take 10-15 minutes. Please have this done at least 7 days prior to the event. As a reminder, these events are our investment in you, please take the time to complete the necessary actions prior to the event. 

I serve with a startup school, will the training apply to my situation? 

Yes! Our trainings have been designed to train on the fundamentals of providing excellent, effective Christian education. We highly encourage startup teams to attend the trainings to kickstart your startup and implement best practices right out of the gate. 

I serve with a homeschool coop or home educators group, will the training apply to my situation? 

Yes! We have served numerous homeschool and home educator groups. Our coaching, learning objectives, and training model apply to your organization as with a school. Additionally, leaders from every type of education are able to network and build Kingdom-connections that broaden our view of Christian education. These connections sharpen each leader in attendance. 

Can pastors or church staff members attend the training? 

If your church has or is looking to start a Christian school of any model, we would strongly encourage church staff and pastoral staff to attend the training events. They will help the leadership team of the church and school learn best practices in running a healthy church-based school. Our trainings offer a wonderful time off-site for teams to reflect and discuss how to better work together in service to their families. 

How do I become part of the Graduate Cohort for the Leadership Development Series? 

The Herzog Graduate Cohort is a professional learning community designed for Heads of Schools (or equivalent) who have attended all five of our Leadership Development Series trainings and demonstrated implementation of a significant amount of the learning objectives. Within the Graduate Cohort, Herzog identifies leader with the capacity to grow and schools with the capacity to grow. This is our investment in the continued development of quality Christ centered schools and homeschools.

Event Logistics Questions

Am I personally responsible for any expenses?

The Herzog Foundation covers all expenses food, lodging, etc. once you arrive to the hotel in the city of the training. Guests are responsible for travel costs to the destination of the training. Depending on the location, guests may pay out of pocket for transportation to and from the airport to the hotel. Additionally, guests will be expected to place a credit card on file for an incidental hold at check-in. If unused, the hold will be reimbursed to your card by the hotel after check-out. This can take up to 10 days. Occasionally guests will have the chance to do dinner on their own or as a team. 

Can I bring my spouse/kids/parents/babysitter? 

You can absolutely bring your spouse and/or children. They can stay with you in the hotel, but they cannot be at any of the training events or join the group for meals.

For the Museum of the Bible and Answers in Genesis Teacher Retreats, families can tour on their own time and dime – you may be able to join them during the tour time. They cannot ride on provided transportation.  

How many people can I bring from my organization per training, and what if I’d like to bring more? 

Each event type varies as far as who is recommended to attend and how many can attend from one organization. Please review the specific training type for specific instructions. If you would like to request additional attendees for a particular event, please simply email us at training@herzogfoundation.com, and we will see if we have the capacity. 

When do you update your events page with new opportunities? 

We update our website and events platform as soon as we’ve determined a training’s dates and location, so keep checking back. We are running 100 events in 2024, and we hope to see you there!

I am not located in the US, or I am not a K-12 school or homeschool group. Can I attend your training events? 

Herzog training events are designed for US based Christian schools or homeschools serving in the K12 space. At this time, if you are not a K12 Christian school or homeschool in the US, we cannot extend a seat to you. Registration required this, so if you are not a school or homeschool, do not select that option on the registration page. If you are a civics-based charter or private school, a Canadian based Christian school, or a US based Christian education services organization, please join the waitlist for the event(s) you would like to attend. If we have capacity 5 weeks prior to the event, you will be extended a seat(s). 

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration? 

If you need to cancel a registration for an upcoming training event, simply complete this form. Please cancel at least 10 business days ahead of the event. Cancellations within 10 business days of the event, without reasonable cause, will jeopardize your school’s ability to attend future trainings as we are out the cost of your seat. 

What if I have questions about the Connect Space platform?  

If you have questions or problems with the Connect Space platform, please either contact the Connect Space help team (for tech-based issues) or contact the Herzog Events Team at training@herzogfoundation.com to help troubleshoot. 

Can I meet with someone from the Herzog Foundation while at the training?  

We look forward to meeting you at the upcoming training! Many Herzog staff and coaches will be onsite to care for our guests and make sure the event runs smoothly. We’ll be glad to meet you, hear your story, and serve you throughout the training. However, at this time Herzog leadership is unable to schedule one-on-one meetings with individual schools while at the trainings. Our focus is on the care and service of all our guests.  

Can I request an extra hotel night if I need to come in a day early or leave a day late? 

Herzog covers the exact number of nights per training. Should you need to come a day early or leave a day late, we can try to get our group rate extended for you at the group hotel. If you would like to request the additional night(s), simply complete the Additional Night Request Form inside the Connect Space Event. Extra nights will be added to your reservation by Herzog. Guests will be expected to pay for any additional nights at check-in. All adjustments to hotel reservations should go through Herzog, not directly through the hotel.